My life Without meat

Life without meat will be hard because as an American I used to eat a lot of chicken, beef, and pork. I recently read an article “Pro/ con will eating fewer pork chops help cool our climate?” where it says the huge farms that produce most of our meat like beef lamb, chicken,  and pork release a huge amount of methane gas. According to it says meat is a good source in your diet it has ”healthier choices can help you eat meat as part of a healthy balanced diet” this means that you can eat meat but not too much of it it can affect your health.

In my opinion, if you eat all of these meats you can get sick from it because first, they kill the animal then put it chemicals, then fry it or sell it in supermarkets for people to buy. Meat can also give you high cholesterol and a chance to have more health problems if you eat chicken, pork, or any type of meat. My mom ate a lot of meat and had a lot of health like obesity and harmful cholesterol.

According to Food Carbon footprint, it says ‘greenhouse gas emissions produced by growing, rearing, farming, processing, transporting, storing, cooking and disposing of the food you eat’.’ This means that you should eat less meat

This explains how meat can affect the earth and environment you can help by eating less meat to help out your community to stop producing meat, and it also hurts the animals and hurt, humans.

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